Extend 2GIG Range in 7000 Sq Ft Home

Hi everyone…

I need some advice on my current 2GIG setup. I am moving to a home that is about 7000 Sq Ft. I currently have a 2GIG Panel with a bunch of GE sensors being translated using a RE224GT Translator. However, I am worried about the range I have to cover (the first floor and basement). The basement is about 2000 Sq Ft and the First Floor is about 2500. Here are my questions:

  1. Can I run multiple RE224GT Translators to one panel?
  2. There is a repeater model RE220T that might help extend my range? Will this model work and can I run as many repeaters as I want?
  3. Lastly… will the RE224GT and RE220T interfere with each other?

Ideally, the main 2GIG Panel will be on the first floor. I want a RE224GT Translator on the first floor and another on the second floor. I then want 2-3 repeaters, depending on the need.

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Are you using all GE sensors? How many?

Are you looking to add more? If that’s the case, use 2GIG 345Mhz senosrs.

You would only use one of the RE224GT Translator, centrally located if possible.

The RE220T is discontinued. In addition using more than one of the RE220T could cause a feed back loop or “repeated signal storm.”

Note that all Resolution Products repeaters and translators have been replaced with one product, the RE524X Universal Translator and Repeater.

You may be able to use multiple 2GIG-RPTR1-345 repeaters which do not cause this feedback loop.

Thank you for the response. Two follow up questions:

-Can I use multiple RE524X Translators with one panel? And it looks like this would also serve as a repeater, correct? Some websites state that the RE524X is a Translator or a Repeater, but not both at the same time.

-I think I would only use 2GIG-RPTR1-345 repeaters if all my sensors were 2GIG compatible since I wouldn’t need a translator correct? If the RE524X serves as a repeater as well, I wouldn’t need the RPTR1 devices, right?

Thanks again!

Technically yes you could use more than one, and to avoid any confusion:

The RE524X can only be a translator or a repeater.

A translator listens for signal type “A” and transmits out signal type “B”

A repeater listens for signal type “A” and transmits out signal type “A”

You could set one RE524X to function as a translator for GE to 2GIG/Honeywell signals. Then between it and the alarm panel, you could put another RE524X set to be a 2GIG/Honeywell repeater. That would be one of each, one translator and one repeater. The panel should be able to be positioned so that this would cover all zones.

If you are worried about needing multiple repeaters, the 2GIG RPTR1-345 should be used instead because it adds a bit of data to the message it repeats so that the new signal does not also get repeated, leading to a feedback loop.