Existing System in New House

I recently moved into this house with a badass security system. But I don’t know how to use it, the passcode or how to set o it up with your company. Please help

Happy to help out! The first thing to double check is the model of alarm panel. suretyDIY is an Alarm.com service provider and we support all alarm panels compatible with Alarm.com.

What is the model of system you have?

To get started with suretyDIY you would need a compatible panel and an unregistered Alarm.com communication module. If you have a module already you can check its status with this module check tool.

Do you just not have the installer code, or do you have no user passcodes for the system either?

If you provide the model we can provide more specific instructions along with the manual if it is compatible.

If you are having trouble finding the model, please post a photo of it and we would be happy to help identify.

Model ID: IQ panel…I have zero passcodes and cannot gain access. I can’t see a serial number or model number. The smoke alarm was triggered and rang, workout passcode I couldn’t turn off…I can’t arm alarm system.I don’t have the installer code.

The image you tried to upload was too big, can you resize? Were you uploading an image of the panel?

To confirm, is it this panel? If so, that would be the First Gen Qolsys IQ Panel. If you dont have any passcodes at all, it is possible to obtain the correct cellular module number, physically.

Is the panel currently in an armed state or unarmed state? If unarmed, you can remove the panel from the wall and physically check for the module number. Note there is typically a set screw at the bottom of the panel connecting it to the mounting plate.

There is usually a sticker on the backside of the unit next to a bar code labelled MEID Could be labelled IMEI) and should be a string of 15 digits. You should be able to input that number into the Module Check Tool.

There are actually two stickers typically. One on the panel itself and one on the back of the backplate.

This is the original IQ panel I believe… Model:IQpanel-VRZ

I plugged in the 15 digit code on the module check tool… It said it is unregistered on the Verizon network two way capable

With an unregistered Qolsys IQ Panel, you would only need to purchase the desired service level here and submit the follow up survey to our team for processing.

You would then receive a Welcome email once the order is processed detailing instructions and initial credentials. Sometimes we are able to kick start communication if you do not have access to any codes, and then you can edit your user codes through Alarm.com and request we default the installer code. It is better to have access to run a cell phone test up front though.

In case any are at the default value, for the Qolsys IQ Panel the default codes are:

User: 1234
Installer: 1111
Dealer: 2222