Existing Panel Update Issues

I’m struggling get this set up. When I disconnected the panel it went into a tamper alarm. I disconnected the power supply to shut it off. That’s when I researched and found you guys. I ordered the kit to do the firmware update and when I went to re-connect the panel to the power supply to install the update, it was started alarming again.

How do I shut off the alarm after I reconnect the power supply? (Keep in mind that I don’t know the original code).

It would seem the primary need here is to update the firmware. You should be able to do so in this state. If done in the proper order, your panel will update regardless.

See this video for the exact steps and the order in which you should do them. From there I think we would have options.

How do I shut off the alarm after I reconnect the power supply? (Keep in mind that I don’t know the original code).

If you don’t know the original user/master code or installer code…

Updating the firmware will not resolve that. Even if you update the firmware, install a new 3G cell module, you will still have to perform a cell test to reprovision the panel so it can be remotely unlocked/reset via airfx. This requires you to know the code.

If you can obtain the installer code, you can recover all the user codes including the master code on a 2GIG panel. It doesn’t matter if the installer access is locked out (Q44), even on a locked out panel, the installer code can be used as a “master master code” to access, view, change, and create panel user codes (it cannot be used to disarm panel though).

Steps to recover code:

Remove/disable any existing cell module, and if applicable, disconnect any telephone (POTS) line.

Try disarming panel with (*user 8) code 2580, 1111 (if it works, try default installer codes 2203, 1561)

Then change master code: security/menu/toolbox/installer code/user management (click key to change pin code)

try a hard reset to default all Q’s (including (Q43) installer code back to 1561)
Note- this will only work if Q45 is not locked out

To hard reset:
Power down panel, hold in both “Home” and “Emergency” buttons as you reapply AC power to panel. Make sure only “Console” is checked (this will reset only the (Q)uestions, and panel settings, and not the sensors/Zones).

If the above reset works, installer code will be 1561, and you can use it to reset all user codes.

*User 8 “2580” is pretty much used by every alarm company as a “secret” generic duress code (most people are completely oblivious to this fact, and never change it to something else that is really secret). This duress code, will, when panel is unable to communicate (unmonitored), act and function exactly like a normal user code insofar as it can be used to disarm a system.