Existing Driveway sensor to 2gig

I have an existing Dakota Alert wireless driveway sensor system installed and it works great. My drive is 700’ long. I would like to tie it to a 2gig system to get alerts. The driveway system has 2 sets of NO NC contacts on the receiver. Is there a way to connect this.

You can connect the normally closed (NC) contact on the receiver to the wired input in a 2GIG wireless contact/transmitter. Either of these would work.

I have been looking at getting one of the Dakota Alert Wireless Driveway Sensors as well. I know they specifically make one now for the 2 gig system. Its like a RE204 or something like that. My questions is…doesn’t the Dakota have a wireless receiver that has either a base station or walkie-talkie that relays the tone? I guess why would you want to tie it to the house alarm? Curious because I have a 2gig system as well.

The Dakota Alert system might meet your needs on it’s own.


Some advantages of using an RE204 with a 2GIG system would be:

  1. The chime sounds on all your touch screens - the main control panel and the TS1's.
  2. You can get Alarm.com notifications from an RE204.
  3. You can trigger Alarm.com rules or 2GIG scenes with an RE204.

A few questions with the re204 or more specifically the re104 (ge system compatible)

Can this be installed just below the surface ?

How far away from the control box can it be mounted or buried.

Any Idea or info on detection range if buried.

My driveway forks with 1 route leading up hill behind house, The other fork loops to make a circle area in front of the house. I would rather bury it close to surface at the Y and put a second at the driveway top of the hill.

At the Y I would much prefer it be unseen and not have to go around it while mowing etc.
Maybe add a plastic container over it to help protect from rain/etc. ???

Anyone have thoughts on this…

The RE104 is not designed for burial. The internal components would have a high likelihood of corrosion, and it would reduce the effectiveness of the sensor, as well as the transmission range of the RF signal.

If you can get it within 12 feet of the vehicle path, the RE 104 can be mounted to a tree or fence post. You will want the height between the mid-tire and door-handle level of the vehicle.