Equipment Missing


I received my repaired panel and started added things back. I’m missing one of my door locks and thermostats on the ADC site. I’ve deleted and readded without improvement.

Any chance you can ping an equipment update


We’ve sent an equipment update request and an additional device is now showing up. Can you confirm that all are accounted for?

Door lock showed up, but still missing a thermostat for some reason

Can you confirm how many total thermostats should be visible?

3 total

Alright, yes I only see two, and multiple requests have not pulled new data. It looks like that Tstat did not properly pair with the panel.

You will want to remove the Tstat and make sure the panel and Tstat are close, within 10 feet or so, then re-add it to the network. Let us know and we can re-run the equipment request to verify it is found.

Alright, I deleted the thermostat, restarted the panel, and then re-added it. Let me know if you can see it!

And if possible, please run an equipment update regardless. Had to change the name on one item and it’s not updating!

Certainly. An additional thermostat and a name change is now visible. You may need to log out and log back into to see this change.