Equipment Compatibility List

Is there a SuretyDIY equipment compatibility list for all: devices, thermostats, sensors, irrigation controls, panels, modules, … ?

suretyDIY is an services dealer. For a list of all current Gen devices officially supported by please see this page.

Various comprehensive lists for types of devices can be found on our website and pinned to the top of our System Design forum here, but compatibility for Z-wave devices and sensors is not 100% universal and is dependent upon your alarm panel model and firmware version.

It looks like this question specifically is in reference to a 2GIG Go!Control Panel. The Go!Control has wide compatibility with devices, but the firmware version your panel is reporting is very old, and would need to be updated for compatibility with some devices such as the ADC-T2000.

Back end integrations with internet connected systems like Lutron, Skybell, Rachio, Rain Bird, Liftmaster MyQ, etc., are not impacted by your panel type since they do not communicate with the panel.