Entry/Exit delay sensors do not work

I have GC3. Before I signed up with ADC via SuretyCAM I was able to program 2 sensors for my 2 Entry/Exit 1 and 2 with delay report for 30s and 45s. I tested them and they worked as delay time for me to turn off the alarm. After I signed up withe the service, I logged into ADC and the first sensor showed type: Door/Window, and second sensor showed type: Twice Extended Delay Door. However both sensors do not work with delay entry time anymore, they both trigger alarm as regular Perimeter. I recheck them and they are both Enabled in Transmission Delay. Please help. Thank you.

To clarify, there are a few different unrelated issues at play here.

  1. Sensor programming does not change upon activation. And it looks like your sensors are still programmed currently as Entry/Exit 1 and 2 respectively.

  2. Transmission delay is separate from Entry Delay. Transmission delay is a feature (we typically advise against) which delays registering an alarm signal with the central station, to give you time after accidentally tripping an alarm to disarm without the central station acting on the alarm. By default this delay is 30 seconds.

  3. It looks like the last time the system was armed remotely, it was armed with No Entry Delay. This will effectively make any Entry Exit sensors function as a perimeter sensor for that arming period.

When arming from the app, there will be a check-box option for “no entry delay.” Leave that check box unselected and the sensors will function as normal entry delay points.