Entry Delay not working, tripping alarm

I have several sensors that I have programmed as entry/exit sensors with a 90 second delay however when the system is armed and we enter through the doors, the alarm is triggered with no delay and we immediately get a call from the central station. I have gone back into the programming to verify it all looks correct. The odd thing is when I first installed the system it was not doing this and then it started happening more frequently and not seems to happen every time. The weird thing is the behavior is not consistent. The problem should not be die to a motion sensor tripping first as there’s no sensor in the garage where the problem with entry is occurring. We have gotten around this by disarming with the app first. Any help is much appreciated! This is a 2Gig system, firmware was updated to latest around September.

The most common reason we see this happen is when people uncheck the “Entry Delay” option when they arm with the smart phone app. When you arm with the app it asks if you are sure you want to arm and there is a check box that says “Entry Delay” which is checked by default. If you uncheck that box then there will be no entry delay when you come back home later. People sometimes assume that check box is referring to an exit delay, but it’s referring to the entry delay. Is it possible you unchecked that box when you armed?