Entering Communication Module #

I just subscribed to the Gold Interactive but I haven’t received my equipment yet (ordered from others). During my checkout process, it asked me for the Communication Module # and obviously I couldn’t enter it. There was a “Save for Later” button that I clicked and it let me finish the checkout process. How to I enter that number when I get my equipment? I don’t see any option to continue that process. Thanks.

Happy to help! A link to get back to your order survey is included in your order confirmation email. You can use that link to fill out the module ID and submit your order when able. If you have any trouble, please send our customer service team a secure message for assistance.

Orders for service are processed during business hours M-F. Once your order is processed by our team you will receive a Welcome to suretyDIY email which details how to get started with your system model and chosen features.