Enrolling RE112 Smoke Alarms With RE524 Wireless Translator

I’m having problems enrolling 3 Resolution Products RE112 Smoke/Heat alarms with a Resolution Products RE524X Wireless Translator configured as a repeater to my Qolsys panel (RE524 Panel Select and Sensor Select knobs set to Interlogix).

I successfully enrolled the translator to the panel, and enrolled several Resolution RE110 motion detectors and Interlogix micro recessed door/window sensors to the translator and panel. When I tested, all sensors work well at locations where they previously could not reach the panel without the translator/repeater. The translator/repeater is positioned between the sensors and the panel (e.g., sensors->translator/repeater->Qolsys panel).

I enrolled the smoke alarms in the same enrollment session as the motion detectors (with translator open, pressed CONFIGURE button and observed yellow LED lit). When I tampered the motion detectors, the translator chirped indicating enrollment. However, when I tampered the smoke detectors by removing the alarm from the mounting plate (standing right next to the translator), I’m not certain I got a chirp from the translator (alarm was screaming…).

The smoke alarms are enrolled on the Qolsys panel and work OK when near the panel. They go offline if I carry them out of range of the panel, about 20 feet beyond the translator. Since the smoke detectors are closer to the translator than several of the motion and door/window sensors that are working fine, I conclude that the smoke detectors are not enrolled to the translator.

I repeated the smoke alarm enrollment to the translator after disconnecting the translator AC and battery power for >5 seconds, then pressing the CONFIGURE button, but with the same (unsuccessful) result.


  1. Can the RE110 smoke detector be used with the RE524X translator (maybe I assumed too much)?
  2. Is the right way to tamper the alarm during translator enrollment to remove the alarm from the mounting plate? Or is it sufficient to press the “test” button on the alarm?
  3. Is there any way to confirm whether a device is enrolled with the translator other than by carrying it out of range of the panel and confirming that it still is seen by the panel?

Any suggestions welcomed.

Can the RE110 smoke detector be used with the RE524X translator (maybe I assumed too much)?

Unfortunately this is the issue. The RE524X will not work for life safety device signals. (Smoke, CO, Heat.)

For reference, see the bottom of page 1 or page 4 of the manual.

Oops, RTFM. In my defense, they packed a lot of stuff on that page, and I completely missed it. As a suggestion to help the next DIY guy, you might include a “Does not support life safety devices” on your store entry for the item. Thanks.

Certainly, I’ve sent this to our IT team. Looks like they’ve already posted it.