Enhanced garage security

What would be the best way to enhance garage security in the following conditions:
-Only outside entry into garage is via single main garage door
-MyQ opener has the optional automatic locks installed on both rails
-windows in garage door have non-see through film with security caulk
-door entrance into home protected by door sensor via alarm.com
-emergency pull rope removed from garage door
-Alarm.com camera in garage

Tilt sensor on door or glass break sensor? My thoughts are leaning towards glass break sensors as windows provide “easiest” entry, as locks on side rails for all practical purposes prevent door movement.


I would recommend a shock sensor for the windows instead of the glass break, especially if you have applied reflective or security film on the glass. Use a wired shock contact (like the 5150W) and an outdoor rated wireless sensor with a wired input for the best results.

Unless you plan on monitoring the overhead door for security (actually programming it to trigger alarms rather than notifications only) then a tilt sensor would be superfluous to the MyQ notifications.