Energy usage flat-lined


I have two “Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch - DSC06106” registered with the panel, and they show up in Devices as Type =“Z-Wave Light / Z-Wave Power Meter”.
But when I go to the Energy>>Usage tab, I have both devices in the drop-down, but both devices are flat-lined at zero and don’t show any energy consumption.
Am I missing something?

Also, in the “Electricity Provider Settings”, "Texas-New Mexico Power Company is the only selection available, and I don’t see any way to save settings in the dialog.



I believe you are seeing an energy card (but not the data) that shouldn’t be there. There have been some ongoing updates to energy management, so it is not unexpected to see function changes.

The reason you cannot see data or save the provider is that while devices are active on your panel, your account does not appear to be set up for Energy Management. Energy Usage Management is an add-on feature to Interactive Accounts. You can see the list of add-ons here.

You can request this to be added to your account by emailing

Have you enabled energy metering on your panel? You can still use this feature locally on your panel even if you don’t have the energy add on for

Honestly, if all you have is two metered appliance switches, then tracking watt/KW usage on the panel is all you really need.


Ah, thanks. I didn’t realize it was an addon. I would expect some kind of message on the that page to indicate that I did not have the required addon.
I’m not interested enough to add it to my service. Just mainly want to see the duty cycle of the refrigerator.
Thanks for the suggestion riven. I’ll play with it on the panel.

OK. I enabled Q90 and now see the energy feature on the panel!
Thanks. That’s all I really need.