Energy Monitoring

I am interested in adding energy monitoring for my entire home and leveraging ADC’s functionality. I had planned to order the Aeotec Smart meter and install it within my electrical panel. (I have an electrical background).

Before ordering this module/meter, I thought I should contact my provider (Guardian) to ensure they could enable the “energy” tab within emPower. To no surprise, the customer service rep had no clue what I was talking about. I felt this would be the case, so I had ADC tech support patiently waiting on the other line. I conferenced ADC in and they were quick to state that Guardian simply needed to enable energy monitoring on the dealer website. Guardian placed us on hold, spoke to their ‘techs’ and came back stating that Guardian did not support this feature/function.

ADC looked up the Guardian ADC profile and confirmed that they, in fact, do not have ‘energy’ enabled for their customers. Guaridan only offers ‘express energy’… For thermostats.

Perhaps this is because Guardian does not want to have their field techs installing meters in customers power panels, I presume. Liabilities, etc. Regardless, it’s frustrating to me :slight_smile:

I asked Guardian if this could be escalated. Quick answer was no.

I’ve not been happy with the level of customer service (or lack thereof) anyway. I am strongly considering paying my early term fees so that I can be ‘free’. I am a DIYer anyway.

Any thoughts on the above?

Unfortunately we would not be able to advise on or influence the policies of another dealer, but we would of course welcome you and assist should you so choose.

Energy management is something a lot of automation manufacturers are focusing on with product development it seems.

Hi Jason - Thanks for the response. I should have worded my original post more clearly. I didn’t expect you to have knowledge on Guardian’s polices. I suppose I was venting a bit :slight_smile:

If I am able to terminate my contract early, would I be able to transfer my security monitoring service to you? I have a Concord 4 system w/a mixture of wired and wireless zones. If I buy out my contract w/Guardian, I hope I’ll be able to secure the installer code(s) to the system. I am very much a DIY’r.

With my Concord 4, I also have ADC enabled for lights, locks, thermostats, garage, video (2 cameras), and sensor monitoring (security & activity). I have the image sensor ‘tab’; but have yet to install one (as I believe the installer code is required).

Looking at your website, I believe the “Gold Interactive” Package for $27.95 a month will cover the entire suite, correct? I would need to add the al la carte options for my video ($5/mo) and energy ($2/mo)

Would you be able to point me to a link where I can get a bit more information about your monitoring center?

Appreciate the support.

Gold Interactive would cover everything you currently list with the exception of video, Cloud Video is a separate add-on (can be selected on the Gold Product page when ordering.) If you wanted to add Energy Management, that add on can be requested by emailing


I would need to add the al la carte options for my video ($5/mo) and energy ($2/mo)

Correct. Energy Management does not refer to thermostats though, just the whole home and other AC circuit metering devices. So you wouldn’t need it for t-stats.

We monitor all compatible panels. You would need to have a 3G module for your Concord 4, you can check the one you currently use here. will no longer allow new accounts to be set up with a 2G module.

Upon connecting with our service, all installer features will be opened to you. You would be able to manage your installer code as desired. Having the installer code prior helps with getting connected quickly though, (running the cell test), so it wouldn’t hurt to request it before the switch.

There are some forum threads discussing our monitoring station. Here is one. Here is another.