Energy meter

I have an Aeon Labs energy meter reporting to a 2 gig control panel and would like this information available on the website. Is this possible?

I need access to Energy Monitoring, it is part of emPower services, according to tech support. How do I get this option through SuretyCAM?

Energy monitoring is still in beta testing. We are part of the beta program so we have access to it but please be patient while I look into whether there are limitations on enabling it for your account.

I’ve been given the go ahead to enable it for your account. It’s a $2.00/month add-on to the Gold Interactive service. I’ll reach out to you directly for confirmation that you want it added. Please let us know what you think as you’ll be one of the first customers using it!

The Energy Management feature “Smart Energy Plus” is now officially launched and available to all customers. It includes energy usage monitoring, power company integration and Green Button support. It’s a $2/month add-on to the Gold Interactive service. Get it now and start managing your energy usage like a champ. Happy Thanksgiving!


Is this program using one of these sensors: Aeotec Smart Energy Meter? It looks like they some how clamp onto the main feed coming into your breaker box. Is this correct?
How difficult are they to setup?


Yes, the Aeotec Smart Energy Meter is the recommended main line power meter. I have one installed at my house and at my office. They clamp around the 2 main power cables coming into your electric service panel. They’re about as easy to install as replacing a circuit breaker but if you’re not an electrician you should hire an electrician to install it (disclaimer).

2GIG panels currently only work with the Aeotec Smart Energy Meter G1 (the older model) but not the Aeotec Smart Energy Meter G2. So if you’re using 2GIG make sure you get a G1. If you’re using Interlogix you can get a G2.

What is the model number for the G1? DSB28-ZWAU? Can you guys get those? I don’t see them on your site.


We are working on adding them. Once our initial supply arrives, they will be placed on our website.