Energy Meter not working with XTi

I recently added a DSB09104-ZWUS Energy Meter to my XTi system and had someone from online chat enable emPower and flash my cell/zwave module to the latest version OTA to help ensure compatibility. I don’t seem to have any issues enrolling the module and it shows up on, but I never get any readings (I do get a “low battery” alarm if I unplug USB power). I even tried removing the module and adding it back unsuccessfully. Now I have two modules listed on and not sure how to remove the extra one either. My Energy Meter seems older as it doesn’t have the white direct AC wire USB, but rather a standard AC/DC “brick.” I imagine it is G1 then, but not sure how to identify that or the current firmware. Has anyone had success with the DSB09104-ZWUS and XTi? Thanks! Not sure the best place to start diagnosing here.

What exactly happens when you click the button on to request a reading? Does it just time out? Any error message?