Enabling Humidity Control with Alarm.com

I would like to control my humidity from the alarm.com app.
I have ACD T-2000 thermostats. When I go into the app and turn on “Humidity Control” for the
thermostats, there is no “Save” button to save my On and max humidity setting level.
I’m guessing I need to be signed up for the “Smart Energy Management” to enable this.

I’m guessing I need to be signed up for the “Smart Energy Management” to enable this.

It doesn’t seem to be needed in this case, and the post on Alarm.com detailing that as a requirement is no longer there, so that may have been changed.

There are a couple other things to check, as the Thermostat would need:

A: to be wired to the humidifier/dehumidifier via the configurable Z terminal.
B: be at least firmware 1.5
C: be configured under the installer tab for the type of function you desire.

You would need to confirm that A and B are true, but I can confirm that C appears to not be set up. Login to the Alarm.com website and navigate to emPower - Thermostats. Click the config gear and advanced configuration.

Navigate to the installer tab and at the bottom will be the setting which selects the function of the Z terminal.

Correct that “Configurable Terminal” set is set to None (popup says: The ‘Z’ terminal can be used for a third stage of auxiliary heating, humidifier, …). I don’t have a separate dehumidifier in the house so I think keeping this set to None probably makes sense.

That being said this post says “Users without a dehumidifier can still take advantage of this feature by using their air conditioner to keep humidity levels in check.” (https://suretyhome.com/author/jason-carnahan/). I’d like to use the “Smart Humidity Control” option in the alarm.com app to turn on my AC if the humidity rises above the max desired humidity set-point. Strangely the option to configure this is in the alarm.com app but there’s no way to get it to save once I set it.

Aha, you’re just trying to set up the “Smart Humidity Control” thermostat rule to use the AC?

Just to verify, if you log into the Alarm.com website, not the app, go to emPower, Thermostats, Thermostat Rules and Alerts, then Configure “Smart Humidity Control.” Do you see no save button there?

Essentially that means you are seeing the read-only version of that rule, which may be a quick fix by ADC if that is true.

That was the trick. I was able to go to the alarm.com webpage and set the humidity control as you described and save it. The app now shows the setting I saved on the webpage. Thank you!

Ah, good, thank you for following up.

I think there may be some confusion on the app. When looking at the rules on the App, you can select Humidity Control to adjust the target, then go back one page. There you should see an apply button to apply the settings you just adjusted.