emPower devices not all showing in Alarm.com

How can I increase my empower devices to show all my devices. It currently shows only 15?

Ran an equipment update but only showing 16 total empower devices (3 being Garage devices). A few of these devices are reporting Malfunction. How many total do you have installed and paired?

I have 16 devices listed under empower, but only 15 show up on my screen. How do I see more than 15?

Apologies, to clarify, one of those 16 devices will not show up because it is the Liftmaster Gateway. This is normal as you cannot control the Gateway, you have a total of 15 controllable devices.

Tyler, I have a Zwave light switch labled Sink Light that shows on my panel, but not under empower? What am I missing here?


What model of switch is this and when was it installed? Not seeing a switch labelled Sink Light after running an equipment request update. Since we have run multiple equipment requests and do not see this device yet, it may be a good idea to remove then re add that particular switch at the panel. Afterwards run a network rediscovery then run a cell phone test. This should push that device to Alarm.com