ELK Takeover with QS7133-840 questions

Is there any issue using two QS7133-840 devices to takeover 24 existing wired circuits for use with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+? The plan is to place both in the larger enclosure with two batteries.

Existing ELK wiring has 2200 ohm resistors, not 4700. Ok to use in the proper non-UL mode, or is there value in changing all of them out to 4700?

Existing ELK smoke detectors supposedly have an 820 ohm end of line resistor. I understand this needs to be replaced with a 4700 ohm part. Presumably the end of line relay and resistor are mounted with one of the smoke alarms.

Thanks for any comments and suggestions.

Hey! There wouldn’t be an issue using two, no. It might be a bit cramped in the metal box, and you would need to make sure the antenna for each HW16 is extended out of the metal box.

I generally recommend using the 4.7kohm resistors.

Using existing 1-10kohm resistors is an option, but it is a more involved process during which the HW measures and sets the expected resistance of each zone as you learn them. If a mistake occurs you have to completely reset the HW16 memory and start over.

Existing smoke detectors may not work. The HW16F smoke input is designed specifically for 2-wire detectors, and officially supports the System Sensor 2WB, 2WTB, 2WTAB models. Max 10 smoke detectors and the device models must all be the same.


My understanding is that existing 4-wire smoke detectors can be used on any of the other inputs. Any issue there?


The Hardwire 16F does not support 4-wire smokes. Those 15 security zones are specifically called out as not supporting Life-Safety devices. The only advertised fire detection support is the two wire fire circuit.