Electronic locks for sliding glass door

Ive searched here on Surety, goog, bing, even emailed Schlage but got no reply.

Has anyone here heard of or figured out how to fabricate or some simple DIY to install a electronic lock on a sliding glass door. Either exterior keypad or zwave similar to the schlage keyless entry door locks. or even a retro fit of a electronic lock.

Ive got a pella sliding glass door, The oem lock mechanism uses a similar flat pin/bar like a standard door knob set to turn the lock mechanism.

There isn’t a solution for sliding doors I’m aware of that’s Alarm.com compatible. I’ve been looking for a good solution to this problem for years with no luck. For a sliding door you could use a magnetic lock and wire it to an electronic keypad controller.

Have you looked into mechanical keypad locks like these?


I naver even got a reply back from schlage, Yes Ive looked at and emailed gokeyless last summer, Im hoping to eventually find something more like an OEM fit.

Magnetic would be ok except during a power failure at which time its nolonger functional… Would take a huge power backup device to power it for say 48hrs during a power failure.

Lets keep hoping yale, schlage or one of the many popular door makers (pella, jed-win, etc) finally decides they could do a lot of biz by offering this as a oem upgrade option…

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