Electronic Dimmers

Does anyone make zwave Dimmers that will control electronic ballasts? These are for my low voltage lights in my home. They usually are really expensive and if you don’t use Dimmers specifically for electronic ballasts, you will have problems. I like the aetoech ones, but don’t think they electronically dim?

I’ve never used one myself but this might work.

Designed for the future, it supports dimmable LED and CFL technologies, and includes support for legacy incandescent, halogen, Mark 10, and magnetic lighting loads.
Rated for fluorescent ballast loads up to 1000VA

Lutron Radio RA2 and Caseta lighting control products are Alarm.com compatible so they can work with your Alarm.com system in addition to Z-Wave.

Thanks for your response. I have learned that electronic ballast (for MR-16 halogen bulbs) specifically require electronic dimmers which are more expensive and harder to get than magnetic dimmers. If you use the wrong dimmer it can cause problems and humming on the line.

When LED’s get bright enough and cheap enough for Mr-16 bulb replacement, I need to do that and save hassle and energy and money!