EcoNet EVC200-HC2LXL Bulldog Water shutoff

Hi. I know questions on this have arisen about this already, but I will ask anyway: My Qolsys IQ2+ sees this water shutoff valve as a light, but and the Android app see it as a water shutoff valve, which it is. Everything works as it should, it just looks weird on the panel. Is there any way to correct this? I know that it is not an official supported device by Qolsys, but this device has been a round for a couple of years, and it’s really a great device. Thank you.

Until its officially supported by Qolsys, the EVC200-HC2LXL will probably continue to show up as a Light in the panel. As far as I can tell it is still not supported officially. Ill reach out to Qolsys to see if there are any plans. on adding that.

Thank you! And like I said, on ADC and in the app, it does show under the 'Water" section as a valve that can be opened and closed.

If it works, thats good and may point to a quicker resolution on Qolsys’ end if they decide to do that.