ecolink PIR

I have a 2Gig Go Control panel and I’m trying to configure an ecolink PIR zwave motion sensor as one of my perimeter sensors but I can’t seem to use it as a trigger in setting up rules. Does anyone have any idea what I’ve done wrong?


Well unfortunately you are not going to be able to. The way you worded that sounds like you have paired the sensor with your panel, is this true? It should not be possible (perhaps the sensor in question has a switch relay function or something?) The 2Gig panel will not be compatible with Zwave sensor devices (motions, door contacts, etc.) largely due to the fact that its primary design is as a security panel using 345 mhz RF sensors. These have a better range than Zwave and do not require aid to speak to the panel (typically)

You’ll want to use a compatible motion detector designed for the system: 2GIG, Resolution Products, and Honeywell are options.

...but I can't seem to use it as a trigger in setting up rules...

Sounds to me like he merely added/included it to panel as a generic zwave device.

This will not function as a PIR alarm Initiating security sensor, or as a sensor trigger device for zwave empower automation rules.

All 2GIG panel supported security sensors are 345mhz/900mhz (PIR motions/image sensors, door/window sensors, smokes, CO, glass breaks, etc) Zwave security sensors are not supported. Zwave garage door controls are not suppprted. ZigBee devices are not supported at all.

Supported zwave devices (automation only):
Sirens, light switches, outlets, energy meters, thermostats, locks

Thanks for the information. As a newby to all of this it is great to have a resource like this forum to clarify these details. Based on your advice, I was able to return the motion sensor and get a 2gig unit and it works perfectly.

@rive, will a z-wave leak/freeze sensor-alarm work? Thinking about the FortrezZ unit (Based on your previous answer, I’m guessing the answer is no also :frowning: ).

Thanks again!

Any Zwave “Sensor” would not work, not its sensor function. This will, however.