Duress Code?

I don’t have a duress code in my users on ADC and I see no option to add it under the new users option. Is this something I have to create on the control panel?

Duress code is User 8 on panel. Vivint default is 2580

I replaced my Vivint module last night. I was going through setting everything back up, but took screenshots of all my settings on my old Vivint account before deleting everything off ADC. Just noticed that there was a Duress user on my old account and none on my new. Thanks rive, I’ll look into setting it up on the panel.

If you got a new panel/unlocked existing Vivint panel, here is the fully optimized/enabled Q settings:

Use Alarm.com to program all of your user codes except the duress code. Program the duress code directly on the 2GIG panel. However, if you change the user codes directly on the 2GIG panel you will confuse Alarm.com.

Good stuff. Thanks again guys!