Dual-Path Communication Failure - Broadband

“Dual-Path Communication Failure - Broadband” - What does this mean and what do I need to do?

This means that broadband internet communication has failed in a system that uses cell and broadband.

This would indicate on a 2GIG system that the Go!Bridge is either powered down, disconnected from the router, or unable to communicate with the 2GIG Panel.

Check your Go!Bridge to ensure it is powered on. Has its network cable been unplugged at the router?

What is a GoBridge, I dont think I have one?

This is a Go!Bridge. It is used for Internet backup communication with the Go!Control Panel.

If you do not have one then it sounds like Q92 in system configuration is configured for one. You can edit this in programming: from the Home screen, Press the Bottom Right Icon > Installer Code > System Configuration > Go To 92 > set Network Device to (0) none. (use the left and right arrow to select between options)

Exit, saving changes.

If you do have a Go!Bridge, you’ll want to check the Bridge per the prior post.

OK thanks Sir…much appreciated!!