DSC WT4901 Siren and IQ Panel 2+

I have an IQ Panel 2+ with DSC radio, and I’m having trouble enrolling a DSC WT4901 Siren. I’ve tried hitting the test button (as the DSC instructions dictate) as well as pulling and re-inserting batteries with the panel in add mode, but it simply doesn’t detect the siren at all.

Should this siren work with the IQ Panel 2+ with DSC radio? If so, how do I enroll it?

The DSC WT4901 Siren is not listed as being compatible with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ (ww/ 433MHz radio).

Based on the Instruction Manual for the WT4901, either holding the Test button down, or powering the siren up during Auto Enrollment mode would be the way to pair it with the panel.

However, as it is not listed as being compatible by Qolsys, it may not work.

For the IQ Panel 2+, the following Indoor Sirens are compatible:

  • PowerG Indoor Siren PG9901
  • Z-Wave Qolsys IQ Siren
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I don’t see either of these available to purchase from Surety. Any chance either/both could be added to the store?

No we do not carry either at this time. However, any compatible products can be purchased elsewhere and still used with service through Surety.

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