DSC PowerSeries Neo - Fire Zone Recommendations?

Currently I have my wireless fire detector zones setup with zone type 08 - Standard 24 Hour Fire. I’m considering change them to zone type 25 - Auto Verify Fire.

I’m wondering what others typically use or if there are any general recommendations? Based on my read the Auto Verify Fire would delay reporting to the station for 30 or 40 seconds (not sure which) but still go off locally at the detectors immediately (although not at the panel until the 30/40 seconds). Seems like this could be a good false alarm prevention method if something setoff a detector in error as it gives a bit of time to react.

Based on documentation, Zone Type 25 - Auto Verify Fire (for wireless smoke detectors):

When the zone is activated, a 40-second delay begins. The alarm is triggered if the zone is still faulted after 30 seconds.

If the zone is no longer in alarm, an 80-second verification timer begins. If any fire zone is activated during this period, the alarm is triggered.

If another fire zone is activated during the auto verify sequence, both zones go into alarm immediately.

Fire with verification can give better time to react to false triggers, like from cooking etc.

Hi again.

I had set my fire alarms to the auto verify fire zone type and had a false alarm tonight.

Somehow a detector near the front door went off. I’d left the door open for a minute or so to run down to a garage and when I came back up and closed the front door about 15 seconds later the detector went off. Only cause I can think of is because there might have been some smoke in the air from neighbors having fires in their fireplace. I’ve disabled that zone for now as I have other detectors and an open floor plan. And maybe having one in the hall by the front door is not a good idea although this never happened before.

Here’s my question though. The auto fire verify zone was supposed to delay the alarm signal by 30 seconds I thought. However it does not appear it did.

I’m pretty sure I disabled the alarm within less than 30 seconds by entering my code at the panel. I don’t suppose there is anyway to know is there?

I then cancelled the alarm in the app but still received a phone call which I understand is normal for fire. The fire department still came which they said was their policy once dispatched and they were very nice about the false alarm.

I’m wondering if I have something incorrectly configured or if I was really just too slow to disarm the alarm when it went off.

I see an alarm signal and then the system is disarmed about 16 seconds later, but that may be 46 seconds after it triggered locally, I can’t see that in history if that is true, but it would make sense given your description.

I am looking into the signals received by the monitoring station and waiting for some confirmation that they are receiving what they would expect for that zone type that you described to make sure it is functioning as expected.

Thanks for your response. I figured likely it would not be possible to really tell for sure. According to the dsc Neo docs the delay is supposed to be 40 seconds for wireless fire detectors and I have trouble believing I took that long to disarm. I did have a delay as I first thought it was a flood detector that was going off.

I’ve decided to remove the detector in question under the theory that its location is problematic and since I have several others on the same floor so have adequate coverage.

Please let me know if the monitoring center sees anything suspicious or unusual on their end.

What I imagine I should do is put the system in test maybe on the weekend and do a test of the delay to confirm it is working as intended by manually setting off the fire detectors. However I think that may require ordering a “can of smoke”?

Yes, to accurately test a smoke detector the best option is to use a test smoke, which can be found in spray cans.