DSC PK5500 PC1864 and Alarm.com possible?

I am wondering if the DSC power series devices are compatible with alarm.com or if a CDMA module exists to allow this?

I have looked and I can’t seem to find a definite answer. It does look like the Neo and Impassa models are compatible.


I found these two cellular modules, however, still not certain if they would work with surety monitoring and ADC.



No, those will not work as they are for a different back-end service.

Alarm.com compatible DSC panels are the Powerseries Neo and the DSC Impassa.

Thanks for the response. Just posted another in Tech Support re: the PowerSeries Neo. I don’t see it anywhere on the drop down box for the ordering. I have the DSC ADC communicator. Not sure if I should just pick Impassa and specify that it is a NEO in the notes?


Ah, strange, well yes, that’s fine, the module ID will tell us the exact panel type but yes, you can just add that to the notes.