DSC PG9936 Placement

What are placement recommendations for the PG9936 smoke/heat detector, specifically trying to protect the kitchen? I know we don’t want them right in the kitchen but what could be proper placement to have the quickest detection in case of a kitchen fire?

I think the general guidance is that smoke detectors can, in fact, be installed in the kitchen so long as they are at least 10 feet from cooking appliances.

That allows you to burn some toast without setting it off immediately, but will catch larger uncontrolled burns.

If your kitchen layout is such that you can’t find a place that’s 10 or more feet from the cooking appliances, then perhaps in the rooms right outside of the kitchen? If there’s a hallway perhaps, maybe on the other side of the doorframe from the kitchen?

Perfect! Sounds good. Thank you for the quick reply

Of course!

And, just to clarify, that’s 10 birds-eye view/floor plan feet from cooking appliances, not 10 vertical/actual feet — if that makes sense.

Yup, gotcha!