DSC PG9916 Smoke LED alert and Qolsys IQ Panel 2 +

I had a smoke alarm go off last night. After entering my code on the panel to silence and get rid of the alarm I noticed that the smoke alarm is blinking red every second. I read in the manual that an alarm restore indication must be cleared from the panel to correct this. However I haven’t been able to find that on the panel anywhere. The panel is a qolsys iq panel 2 plus with power g. The smoke alarm is a dsc pg9916. Thanks

The Red LED flashing twice every second means the smoke is still in alarm. Are you still experiencing this?
Disarming the panel should clear the issue.

If not, this would mean one of two things: Either there is still smoke present, -OR- the signal did not reach from the panel. Do you see any supervisory trouble conditions at the panel?

Can you run a PowerG test at the panel and relay the strength for the smoke?

One thing to try is to tamper the smoke by removing it from its base for about 5 seconds and then reattach. Next, hold the test button down for about 3 seconds to trigger the alarm. Then disarm at the panel. This should silence the smoke and clear the Red LED. Any Change?

Sorry for the late reply. I tampered the sensor and held down the test button until it alarmed again. After I disarmed it this time it seems to have cleared and the smoke alarm seems to be back to working as it should. Thanks for the reply and help.