DSC PC5964 to iqp2+

How would I wire a dsc PC5964 to a iqp2+ for audio verification and bell follower. I didn’t know this was a thing until I was at a buddy’s that has CPI a large ADC dealer here in my region that uses this for internal siren and two way audio module on their iqp2+ installs. I was able to get my hands on one of them and would love to wire it to my system since the internal mic no longer works!

There are no terminals on the IQ Panel 2 to handle a mic/voice module. The external siren output is just a relay, it doesn’t even apply power on its own.

Part of the equation would be missing, and it would not function through the IQ Panel 2 in that way. It is likely being forwarded separately to their monitoring station (not through ADC).

Gotcha that makes sense. But with the siren output it would still fuction as an interior siren right? since it has a bell follower option?

No. The PC5964 is a speaker and microphone. It requires an audio driver. The output of the IQ Panel is just a relay used to activate a piezo siren via a separate power supply.

The PC5950 suggests it accepts dry contact closure to trigger it, so that might work as a driver, however I cannot confirm as we have not tried this combination.