DSC PC1832 Firmware UpGrade

Can a DSC PC1832 panel have the firmware upgraded?
I have an ADC dual path communicator.
My 2GIG was OTW upgrade able, So, I was wondering about the DSC panel I have now.

As always, thank You in advance

There are some updates for the SEM, though they are not as regular as the 2GIG Panel updates. One upgrade is available OTA for the SEM you are currently using.

If you would like to initiate the OTA Broadband (it is a free update over broadband) please send a Secure message to our customer service team. The panel needs to be disarmed during the duration of the update, which in this case is usually within an hour.

I had the OTW update done. I was wonder what was improved or changed in version 2.36 firmware?

There are minor changes in the update mostly. It deals with improvements to the initialization scan process during installation and to user code management.