DSC PC1832 4 wire smokes not resetting


I have a PC1832 with 4 wire smoke detectors, there is a RRS-MOD and a ELOR-1 on the last head. The RRS-MOD is wired in and PGM1 is set to 01 and PGM2 is set to 03. The smoke detector will trigger the alarm panel, all of the smoke detectors will sound. I cancel the alarm on the panel and the alarm silences but the heads will continue to sound. I press the reset button but it has no effect. I have to physically disconnect the RRS-MOD module to get the heads to stop sounding. I do have the 5.6K ohm resisted between AUX+ and PGM1.

Any ideas how to get the smoke detectors to reset from the panel?

The smoke detectors are system sensor 4WTA-B UNITS

On a PC1832, have you tried pressing the sensor reset function at the keypad? After an alarm, disarm the siren, then press *, 7, 2. Any luck?


The sensor reset button and *72 will not reset the smoke detectors

Can you take a look at your wiring of the RRS-MOD and upload photos of it or a wiring diagram of how it is currently connected?


Red and yellow are going to AUX+
Black is going to AUX -
Purple is going to PGM1
Orange is going to PGM2
White goes to the smokes on the black wire
Brown goes to the smokes on the red wire

5.6K ohm resistor goes from pgm1 to aux+

To best assist can you provide a photo? This will allow us to look for anything out of the ordinary.


With the glass breaks and motion sensors powered from the aux+ there is a tap they feed into, then a single white wire to the panel.

The red and orange use the bridge white wire into the panel on aux+

Then the brown and the white goes out to the smoke heads.

Thank you, and can I see a photo of the smoke detector wiring and the two wires coming from the RRS-MOD?

What are the attributes set for the PGM1? They must be set to On, On, Off.

Based on the manual, I don’t see anything wrong with the wiring and setup that you have described. It’s a bit of a head scratcher, unless the RRS-MOD is malfunctioning.

Is that resistor between Aux and PGM1 one that was included with the RRS-MOD? If it came from another source, is it at least 1/4 watt?