DSC EV-DW4927SS sensor enrollment with Qolsys IQ4


I purchased a house w/ DSC shock sensors on all the windows. I haven’t been able to find a walk through for legacy 433 mhz devices like the EV-DW4927SS and I’m unable to get them recognized by the panel for enrollment.

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else in the forums but I wasn’t able to find anything.


The EV-DW4927SS is listed as tested compatible by Qolsys for the 433MHz compatible panel, however, 433MHz devices would only be compatible with an IQ Panel 4 with built in 433MHz radio. Each IQ Panel 4 has one legacy radio (319.5MHz, 345MHz, or 433MHz) and one PowerG radio.

  • IQP4002 and IQP4005 would be the part number of the IQ Panel 4 with 433MHz radio.

It looks like the panel associated with service does not have a 433MHz radio

That’s frustrating as the IQ4 compatibility list includes 433 mhz DSC devices.

Can I return my IQ4 and exchange for a compatible panel? My purchase date was less than 30d ago.

Returns can be processed within 30 days of purchase, you can find our return policy here.

However, we do not currently carry the 433MHz version of the IQ Panel 4. Compatible equipment can be purhcased elsewhere and still used with service.