DSC door sensors going offline

I have DSC 433mhz door sensors going offline at the other end of the house. I’ve replaced the batteries and it is happening less, but still happening. This wasn’t an issue before I switched from the DSC panel to the Qolsys panel. What’s interesting is that the kitchen door is off the same deck that the 3 other sensors are, and it’s never gone offline.

What are my options? Would switching the sensors to PowerG correct the problem? Is there something else going on in the panel that I can’t see?

I’m not seeing any reporting offline or in malfunction currently.

Although I do see a few sensors that were reporting as such recently. Are you seeing any reporting as such locally?

Sensor malfunction can be cause by a number of things, but it is related to signalling. Low battery would cause this. Distance and environmental factors can be others (metal, large appliances, HVAC, Pipes, etc. in between the sensor and panel).

Which sensors are reporting offline, how far away are they from the main panel? How old are the sensors?

The ones that are reporting offline are

Left, Center and Right Family Room Door.
Gym Door, which is right below the Family room doors.

There shouldn’t be much interference with these sensors, especially when compared to the Kitchen Door sensor (which has never gone offline), which is off the same deck as the Family room sensors, but hidden by more walls and stuff.

All the sensors were installed in 2016 and all have replacement batteries within the last 3 months. The Family Room sensors are about 54 ft away, down a hallway into a large open room.

I am getting emails at least every other day and I am seeing messages on the panel.

If the batteries on those sensors have already been replaced, I would try a couple things:

If you have a sensor that you know works and can spare it, swap it for one of the sensors that is having issues. Does the new sensor have issues at that location too? If so, that indicates signalling issues are either distance form the panel or environment.

I would also try removing the malfunctioning sensors from programming then learning them back in. After doing so, test them to make sure they register when opening/closing and watch them to see if they malfunction again.