DSC alarm will only arm away

My DSC alarm will only arm away. Am I missing something in programming it. I only have window/door sensors.

Do you mean that arming fails when choosing stay?

Does the issue occur if you are arming remotely via the app or website?
Can you arm via a scene?

Note that the main functional difference of Away and Stay are motion detectors. If you do not have interior follower zones Away and Stay are essentially the same.

It doesn’t fail, just arms away.
We can arm but it switches to away.
We have no motions. Basically, I want no door sensor delay so if we are home at night it alerts us immediately. It would be nice to keep the delay option for away.

On DSC Powerseries system with the SEM, No Entry Delay is only able to be run in Stay arming.

In the past two months, every arming event, except for one, that I am finding in history has been the result of activating a Scene. The Scene is called “Away”

The scene is a selection of automation commands that all run at one time the same way each time you activate it. That one is set up to arm the system in away mode, there is no selection of Away vs Stay when activating a scene.

You can create a scene to arm the system Stay if you prefer, in Alarm.com under Automation > Scenes.

Or you can just arm the system from the main security card on the app or website home page. There you can select Away or Stay each time.

I just tried to arm stay without a scene and alarm.com app told me it could not verify command and it says it armed away.

For some reason, I can not get it to arm stay.

Ah, looking at your equipment list, that’s actually normal for the DSC Powerseries.

You do not have any Stay/Away motion detector zones. You only have entry and perimeter sensor zones, and there is no functional difference between stay and away arming for those types.

Most panel models will let you arm Stay still, there just won’t be any difference in how it works VS Away. The DSC panel however it looks like will always override stay mode and will not arm stay if there are no sensors using sensor group 5, 6, or 9.

It’s a bit of a catch 22 with the DSC Powerseries panel. Looks like to arm with no delay, you need motion detector zones. I’m not finding any way of editing that in programming.

If you have an unused wired zone, one option would be to just wire a resistor across a zone terminal and common input, and program it as a motion detector.