DSC 1832 keypad question

I want to add a 2nd keypad station to my DSC 1832 system. The original keypad is a PK5500 and I’ve bought a used one to match.

I would like to erase all the data in memory on this 2nd keypad so I can reprogram it to match my system. Is this possible prior to installation on the system? Probably not I suspect.

If that is correct is there a shortcut to erasing all memory in this used keypad without affecting the existing system? Or do I have to go through it one setting at a time and zero them out or update them that way?


The PK5500 is a wired panel keypad which uses the programming of your DSC Panel. The keypads do not store data, the control panel does. It does not have on board programming you would need to delete afaik.


That is great information.

Much appreciated.

Update. Keypad installed easily. At power up it connected to the main panel and almost all the program settings showed up immediately. I had to set the time for some reason even though it was showing on the other keypad. And I had to name the zones, which was simple since there were only four.

Thanks again for the help.