DSC 1832 cannot reset after power failure

I have a DSC 1832 panel with RFK5500 keypad.
The keypad is programmed to report Freeze alarm.
I experienced a long power failure.
When power was restored, the panel:

  1. Reports Keypad Freeze. panel won’t arm without bypass.
  2. Panel does not dial out when arm/disarm
  3. Panel does not respond to any arm/disarm code other than the master code.
    I cannot reset the panel with “Reset” or *72 “Function not allowed”
    The keypad DID retain the time/date and zone labels. However, delays appear to be reset to default. I have not investigated whether other settings like cross zones, smoke alarms, etc. are intact or no longer programmed.

Does anyone have suggestions as to whether the system programming can be salvaged? I would like to start by clearing the Freeze alarm. However, I don’t know what is lost/retained. Does anyone have experience they can share?

I would like to avoid reprogramming the entire panel if possible, but can do so. I don’t know how to verify the keypad is not damaged or bad at this point.

Thanks for any help.