Driveway Sensor

Is there a driveway sensor that will connect with and chime/push a notification when a car drives in?

This can be accomplished with a powerg or 319.5 mhz outdoor motion sensor with chime turned on for the zone and an automation rule set up for email/push notifications on the app

Yes powerg outdoor motion sensor programmed as group 25

While there is not a specific driveway sensor, most Outdoor motions would be a good fit for this scenario.

Using group 25 local safety sensor will allow you to create a notification through as well as trigger a chime at the panel but not generate an alarm event ( I could not recommned programming the outdoor motion in anything but Group 25 as it could be false alarm prone).

The PowerG Outdoor PIR Detector PG9994 could work for this application.

Thank you all for the info! I will get that setup.