Driveway sensor with IQ2 panel

After doing a quick search I did not see any recent conversations about driveway sensors. What are my options for integrating a driveway sensor with my Qolsys alarm system? The sensor would be approximately 200 feet from the panel. Thank you in advance!

While there isnt a specific Driveway motion from Qolsys or DSC, PowerG would be your best bet most likely for its increased range.

The PowerG PG9902 Outdoor Curtain motion detector might be a good fit, although I have not had the chance to use it in this way. Details on that sensor can be found here.

The 9902 is supported with the Qolsys panel as of firmware 2.5.2

I just setup a PG9902 in this fashion by attaching it to my mailbox post and it is working very well so far.

Edit: the sensor is approximately 340 feet from the panel.