Doorbell video on IQ4 automatically?

Got my ADC doorbell installed with door chime and the video can be accessed on phones, ipads and IQ4 panel. It’s a bit complex to get it all working, but the Surety team really helped me. Thank you!!!

I set the panel up to the video pop up on panel and remote panel when someone rings. However it doesn’t seem to give the notification on the remote panel

Also, can I change the order of the panel screens so that the video doorbell screen is next to the home screen when swiping? Also changing order of garage doors and locks and thermostats

If not, can you put that in as a request? Along with being able to view the video on the remote panel?

Happy to pass on the request. You cannot change the order of pages or devices after adding them.

Regarding the video on the secondary panel, that is already an option.

  1. Go to the home screen of the main panel.
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Tap Advanced Settings .
  4. Enter the installer code.
  5. Tap Installation .
  6. Tap Installer Settings .
  7. Tap to enable Stream Live Video Cameras to IQ Remote . This is just video, not audio.