Doorbell (skybell) ADC-VDB105 picture problem

I had this door bell for year and recently I notice that picture become extremely blurry. Please see attached picture. Has anyone else is experiencing same problems?

I was think about replacing it with same model as it did work great for years and I do like slim design. But is only 720P and i know that was talk about new slim line being released for ADC.

So my first question is:

  1. Is my doorbell going bad or is that something that can be fix and is a know issue.
  2. When is new slim line due to be available for ADC, and can I use 1080P slim line non ADC skybell on my account?

That looks like pixelation of the image. What you are seeing is likely caused by your network/internet connection.

Did you make any changes to your internet service? Try running an Internet Speed Test. What is the upload speed?

Try lowering the doorbell Video Resolution & Quality setting under Video Device Info. Reboot the router. Do you notice a change?

Only the Skybell HD (round) and Skybell VDB-105/106 are compatible with

I don’t have an ETA for the ADC doorbell, but it is anticipated this year.

Jason, my download speed is 1000 and my upload is 250 on speed test. Only doorbell is experiencing that. All other 7 cameras are clear.

Try lowering the doorbell Video Resolution & Quality setting under Video Device Info. Reboot the router. Do you notice a change?

Jason, I have rebooted me network rack at home including all 6 access points, I also play with resolution before posting here with out any changes. Only thing I did not do is cut power to door bell and let it restart.

Alright, thank you for confirming. A reboot of the doorbell would actually be a good next step. The issue appears to be an issue with the stream and not the image itself.

To reboot:

Press and hold the Skybell button for approximately 50 seconds.
Release after the button starts flashing blue.

will do when i get home and report back. thank you Jason.

Jason I have access to my transformer and I unplug doorbell from it and waited few min. when pushing button outside while transformer was off doorbell was completely dead. Would that count as reboot? or do I have to actually do button for 50sec?

The doorbell should be powered. Please try rebooting via holding the face button for roughly 50 seconds. Release as soon as the button starts flashing blue.

@jwcsurety Perform reset as you described and still same picture quality. All other cameras look great.

Couple things looking at the device info, your Skybell is currently set to medium quality settings. That might account for the apparent change if your Skybell was added to a new Surety account and the default setting was different from what you were previously using.

Check in Video Settings when logged into and select Video Device Info for that Skybell. It is currently set to 720 (Good Quality), try upping it to the 720 (Better Quality) option. Any change?

It also looks like there is a newer supported firmware version for your Skybell. It would be good to update to the latest version.

I will do that when i get home @jwcsurety. I did update firmware few days ago, and after rest yesterday it tells me that needs update again. I wonder if it did not take. It told me that was successful.

updated firmware and change to best, still blurry. its not really pix-elated its just blurry. Maybe that bell is just done,.

Possibly, but I can say looking at the signal strength history that the wifi signal strength and quality that the doorbell is reporting has been dropping over the last week or so.

Right now the signal quality overall is listed as bad (roughly 60%). That can definitely have an effect on quality of the stream.

Have you made any changes to your network? Just a week ago it was reporting about 10% higher.

You mention you have 6 access points, do they all share the same SSID and password?

As a test are you able to try splitting off the closest AP to the doorbell to use a different SSID to ensure that the doorbell isn’t connecting to a distant AP instead? If you can improve the signal to 85% + and you still have the same issue, that would be pretty suggestive of an internal issue with the Doorbell

@jwcsurety No changes I run professional Unifi network equipment. L2 switches Nano HD AP with 4x4 mimo directional antennas and even WIFI6 band. I can see what clients are on what AP. and door bell is connecting to my foyer AP that is about 6 to 10ft away and is closest one to the front door. straight line of sight. Also that is the only ap that send 2.4Ghz signal as door bell is only device in my house that still requires 2.4GHz, everything else runs at 5GHz. I remember that door bell being as low as 50 before and I never had that problem. I can try to raise signal strength on that ap for 2.4GHz and see what happens. I did connect to that AP in my driveway that is another 10ft away from the bell and had no problem watching 4K videos on my phone at full resolution. That is why I’m kind a leaning to bell just going to crap.

Alright, that’s beneficial to know it is at least connecting to the best AP. Weird that the signal is so low being so close by. Is there a lot of metal nearby the doorbell? Or is it a brick construction? Brick does a good job attenuating signals unfortunately.

Let me know if you see any improvement with the changes.

I’ll check with ADC on the new doorbell to see if there is any update.

@jwcsurety I did switch doorbell to another AP and no changes. I think it’s time to replace that bell. Let me know if you find out from adc on new bell release . Thank you

Alright. I will update this thread later today, I’m speaking with ADC later and should have an update this afternoon.

It sounds like we should be expecting the Doorbell before fall, but no official date yet. I would guess within a couple months.

Do you know anything about it? Improvements ? Changes ?