Doorbell indoor chime delay

I just replaced a prior installed smart doorbell with the doorbell. When I first installed the doorbell, pressing the button caused the chime to ring immediately, but then the doorbell would reboot. I assumed this was due to a short with the wires being backwards so I switched them.

Now when I press the button, the doorbell does not reboot but there is a few second delay in hearing the indoor chime and it is not as loud.

Does anyone know what could be going on?

Update: I flipped the wires again at the doorbell and it seems to make no difference. The doorbell no longer reboots but I still get a delay and it seems that it won’t ring unless I wait a minute+ between presses.

Ok figured this out. The chime was set to digital but it is a mechanical chime. All seems to be good now. Could someone just confirm that it doesn’t matter how the wires are connected at the doorbell?

Polarity is not relevant for an AC transformer. You may have had a short, but that does not mean polarity issue.

A short circuit means the wires connect before the load. This may have been the case if the wires were pressed against each other behind the doorbell and the wire sheath is damaged. Pushing on the button may have been causing the wire to short out.

Thanks for confirming on the polarity. After some further research I think what happened the first few times (when it rebooted) is that the doorbell battery didn’t have enough charge to keep it powered during the chime.