Doorbell cam push notifications

I have the ADC-VB750 installed and it is working just fine.

My video analytics automation rule is set up with a ground zone, and that works just fine in that when someone enters the ground zone, the recording takes place.

What is not working is when I select any of the push notification options for a person entering the ground zone, and then press the “Save” button, my selection does not actually save. Meaning, when I come back into the automation rule NO push notifications are selected anymore; everything is deselected. Even if I select all 3 types of notifications, save and return, again none are selected anymore.

Anything I can do about this?

As a test, disable the recording rule. Wait 5 minutes then re-enable the recording rule and add a Push notification recipient. Does it save?

If not, try from a different browser and test again.

Thanks Tyler,

I tried disabling/re-enabling and then attempting again, but to no avail. Also tried in Firefox, Safari and Chrome, also to no avail.

I created a brand new rule and that let me save the notification option. So I guess that was the solution.

Thanks again!