Doorbell and Skybell

So one of the things I miss about my old 2Gig Doorbell is that it will use the panel as a chime. With SKyBell I don’t have that option. So I was thinking. Is it possible to use the electronics in the 2gig doorbell chime in parallel with the SKyBell. I was thinking in some form or fashion to connect the 2gig doorbell directly to the old chime so it will trigger the Panels chime when the SKyBell button is pushed. Thoughts?

It is not possible to really do that with the 2GIG Doorbell, no, at least, not any straightforward way that wouldn’t require additional hardware and soldering. The doorbell’s sensory input is from manual interaction, which means you would need to simulate pressing the button via a relay and soldering that button circuit in the 2GIG Doorbell.

At that point it would be better to try to find a way to use a relay and a DW10 instead, since the DW10 has a dry contact input the relay can trigger with no need for soldering and tearing apart the sensor. I recall looking for a relay product made for this application, in a doorbell circuit, for another forum thread and not having much success.