Door unlock is not stating who unlocked

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but my Kwikset lock is not stating who is unlocking the door except for the main user. All the others show it was unlocked, but not by whom.

Usually when this happens it’s because the user codes on are not in sync with user codes on the 2GIG panel. Have you done any user code editing directly on the 2GIG panel instead of through

If so, you should always edit user codes through, not directly through 2GIG. You can either go back and set all your user codes via or if you prefer we can remotely sync them for you which would overwrite your user codes with your 2GIG user codes.

Just in case that’s not the problem, what model Kwikset lock do you have?

Hi Ryan,

All of my user code programming was done through and not on the go panel. If you could remotely sync them to see if that works I would appreciate it. The lock set is the kwikset 912.

thank you

Sorry 910 trl

The Kwikset 910 has been around for a long time and works well with Your account and 2GIG panel don’t appear to be synced up properly. It looks like is only aware of 2 “user slots” (2GIG user numbers) being used on your 2GIG panel. You can see which user slots knows about by going to Security -> Users -> Actions -> Export Panel Slot Numbers.

All of your 2GIG users should show up in that spreadsheet. The frustrating part is I can’t seem to get them to sync up. I’ve done what we normally do to solve this problem and it doesn’t seem to be working. We may have to wait until tomorrow and get help from on this one.

Are you able to disarm the panel with the other users that don’t show up in the exported spreadsheet?

HI Ryan,

Yes Kwickset has been very reliable on my other system, never had this problem before. Each user code works correctly in unlocking the door and disarming the alarm, the only thing that isn’t working is it doesn’t tell me which user is unlocking the door, except for the main user. When the notification comes out it just says front door unlocked and alarm disarmed, no user information.

I’ve sent additional commands through to clear up the issue. Can you test and report back?

You may need to recreate any notifications.

Thanks Jason…I recreated the notifications. I am not home but will let you know when I check it. Just verifying you are working on the right account as I have two. It is for the ridgefield account.


Jason it looks like it is working…thank you

Actually I just ran the panel slot number export report and it is only showing 2 of the 4 users.

Are the users being shown properly when the codes are put in at the door lock? (The users looks to have lock access, but not panel access, so I am not sure if the panel slot report would even include them.)

Great point Jason, I will check that.

You are correct Jason, because they do not have panel access they dont show on the report. They are coming across correctly now on the notifications. Thanks again for the quick help.

Not a problem, glad that took care of it! I see the associated names coming through as well.