Door Sensors Have Same Name

So I have 5 doors in my home. The front door and back door are labeled as such in, but the remaining doors are all called “exterior door”. Is this normal? Can it be changed?

I really hope I am not asking a redundant questions. I searched the forums and found no answer.

Looking at your account, there is only one zone labeled “Exterior Door”

Is this perhaps a wired zone with a TAKE-345 module?

If you have 3 wired sensors in series on one zone circuit, you would not be able to have individual names for the doors because only one zone exists. When one door opens the whole circuit opens. This is normal and common with wired systems.

Optionally you could physically split the zone into 3 zones if you have 2 open zones on the TAKE-345 and the wiring is spliced in series at the panel box.

If the wiring is spliced in series at the sensors/in-wall instead, or if you are not confident in re-wiring, you could also delete the wired Zone and replace with 3 separate wireless door contacts.

We may not be speaking the same language. My system was installed by a 3rd party. I don’t know of a take-345 module (doesn’t mean it’s not there, I’m just not aware). All of the door sensors are the kind that go inside the door frame and door. I believe they are called recessed door sensors.

I hope this information clues you in on what I’m working with.

All of the door sensors are the kind that go inside the door frame and door. I believe they are called recessed door sensors.

Happy to clarify. There are both wired and wireless recessed door sensors, so this does not necessarily provide insight. Looking at the panel programming and your original statement, the prior response is indeed accurate.

Per the prior response, there is one zone listed on your account named “Exterior Door”

If multiple doors chime announcing Exterior Door, this means that they are wired sensors on a single zone circuit wired in series. When any one door on the circuit opens, the zone opens. As they are wired together, you cannot name them individually. It is one zone. As stated above, this is common with previous wired systems. The door sensors would have been reused from an existing older system, or may have been pre-wired by the builder if the house is newer.

Your panel programming visible on the back end indeed suggests that the zone is a TAKE-345 takeover module zone, along with the zones labeled Front Door and Back Door.

The Front Door and Back Door zones would have one sensor on them. The “Exterior Door” zone has 3 per your description. More information on series wiring can be found here.

You can typically find the TAKE-345 takeover module near where the old panel was (or maybe still is) located. Most often this is in the basement of the home near the main electrical panel (circuit breaker box). It looks like this.

In short, if you have 3 different doors which announce as one zone, to split them into different zones would either require rewiring of the circuit or replacement of those three door sensors with wireless sensors.

I get it now! Thanks a bunch.