Door sensor to be able to open when Arm Stay but not when Arm Away


I have a door sensor in a door that goes to the garage from the house. What I would like to know is, I would like for that sensor to be able to arm when only in Arm Away. I would like to be able to open the door when it is Arm Stay because sometimes I have to go to the garage to get things and don’t want to be able to be taking off and putting on the alarm all the time.

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You can change the sensor type to Interior Follower and it will do that. Here’s the description in the installation manual.

(04) Interior Follower
This sensor type is for interior sensors such as motion detector, interior doors, and other sensors that detect human presence inside the protected premises. This type of sensor is called a “follower” due to its action when the system is armed in the Away mode. After the exit delay expires and the system is armed, if an interior follower sensor is triggered, an instant alarm will occur. If an exit/entry delay sensor is triggered first, the interior follower sensor will also be delayed. Interior follower sensors are always bypassed and not active when the system is armed in Stay mode. This allows the premises to be occupied while still protecting the perimeter.


Thank you Roy!

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