Door sensor that does not trip alarm

I would like to configure an interior door sensor so that it will display as being open on my panel when I go to arm the system (as a reminder to close it), but not trigger an alarm if it’s opened when the system is armed. Is this possible?

The reason I am trying to do this is because my dog triggers my motion detectors so I want to make sure she’s in her room before I leave for the day. However, I’m afraid if she pushes/jumps on the door it might temporarily cause the sensor to open.


That’s the normal behavior of a door sensor. The 2GIG panel won’t let you arm it when the door is open, it will make you either close the door or bypass that sensor before arming. If you choose to bypass the sensor then it will be ignored and will not cause an alarm.

The only issue I foresee is if you arm in stay mode (because you’re not leaving) with the door closed then if you happen to open that door the alarm will sound.

Exactly, I’m trying to use that feature as a reminder that my dog has not been put in her room. I currently have it configured as “interior with delay” which seems to work well, however, I’m worried my dog might accidentally trip the alarm if she jumps on the door too hard.

You could disable reporting for that sensor so that if she does set it off we will not dispatch the police. The alarm would still sound and you would still get an notification but our monitoring station wouldn’t receive a signal about it.

That sounds like an acceptable solution. Thanks!

I’m in a similar situation. I have a DW on a door that goes into the garage. I want to be able to set the Alarm to Stay Mode but still be able to go to the garage without tripping the alarm. From what I read above that does not sound possible. Would a cross-zone work in this situation? Like if any of the garage doors or exterior door from the garage is open and the garage door going into the house is open it will trigger. Otherwise if just the interior garage door to the house is open it does not trigger?

I believe you can set the zone type for your interior garage door to “interior with delay” or “interior follower” which will prevent it from tripping an alarm while in stay mode, but will still trip the alarm while in away mode. Just make sure you change the “equipment type” back to “contact” since it will automatically change to “motion” when one of the above zone types is selected.

Please note, I am far from an expert, so perhaps someone else can confirm this. Also, this might be a bad idea if your overhead garage door(s) do not have a sensor that is configured as an entry/exit since if you forget to close your overhead door the interior garage door will not sound an alarm when/if an intruder uses it while the system is armed in stay mode.

Thanks Randy. I did interior with delay and it worked exactly the way I need it to. The overhead garage doors are both hooked up to a DW as entry/exit so I do still get the alarm if in stay mode.