Door Sensor Stuck Open

I have two sensors that are stuck open, they are installed correctly but don’t do anything when the door is opened or closed and the panel says they are open. Is there a way to reset them or something ?

Just to rule out the simple stuff…

  1. Have you removed the plastic tabs that cover the batteries?
  2. How did you add them to the system? Using the auto-learn method or the QR code method?
  3. Do you have the magnet lined up with the little arrow on one side of the sensor?

Hi Roy, yup, the plastic tabs are removed. I added them during setup in the setup wizard. And the two that are giving me problems look like this:

The magnets look like they are set too low along the side of the sensor.

The magnet needs to be roughly centered on the arrow on the sensor case. In your image it looks like the top of it starts there, putting it too far from the reed switch.

See image from the manual below:


yup, that fixed it, thank you !

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