Door Sensor Not Registering Open/Close

I have a 2GIG Go! panel and three magnetic door sensors. One of them stopped the chime voice announcement. So I checked, and it apparently is just not reporting open and close events. It does report a tamper, but does not pass the walk-through test. On it shows closed all the time. It did not report a low battery condition, but I changed them anyway and still nothing.

Has the sensor actually failed?

Well never mind! While searching for the product SC1008 I found another post and read it.
Apparently while adding two additional fobs, I changed the loop for the front door from 2 to 3. I changed it back to 2 and it’s working properly.
Haven’t navigated the menus in a long time, so I probably fumbled it.

No worries, happens all the time. Glad you figured it out!